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Mouth Gauges SHU-MG-003

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The SHU Co is Fishing hand tools manufacturing company. We manufacture our tools by giving state-of-the -art manufacturing facilities to our qualified workforce to meet the modern-time fishing professional's expectations. This originates our motivation for coming out with outstanding Fishing Tools products that add values in fishing and make operations on precious objects easier than ever with cost effectiveness as well as minimum loss of precious metal. These pliers, forceps and cutters comprise the full range of traditional styles long popular with the fisherman’s.



Fishing mouth gauges are used for professional angling. A must have tool set for everyday fishermen. Mouth gauges are acknowledged as the best tool to hold fishes. Made of surgical stainless steel and hand forged for durability. The mouth gauges come with large finger holes, and are convenient to use.


The Mouth gauges sizes 110 mm, 115 mm, 130 mm, 140mm, 160 mm, 180 mm and Etc.


High carbon steel and Stainless steel. The antirust oil may be appeared on the tools, it will not affect the function.


The Mouth gauges grips are available in (all colors) Soft grip, Ergo grip, PVC, Plasma Coating and Etc.


We offer all packaging just like Poly bags, Pouch, Plastic blister and as required customer.


All Mouth gauges come with a 100% manufacturing guarantee, just in case you aren't happy with your purchase.


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